Stockton Valve Products has been a Houston based valve distributor and automation supplier since 1954. Our sales team has direct experience in industrial markets including chemical plants and refineries managing valve automation, repair and replacement.

Available Services:

  • Tag, visual inspection, and record data on valves pulled from service
  • Packaging valve components & actuator assemblies for transport.
  • Transport and track valves and actuator assemblies for repair & replacement including: resource scheduling, logistic coordination, order tracking, etc.
  • Fabricate new mounting brackets and couplings as required by customer
  • Mount actuator assembly on valve
  • Stroke test valve assembly
  • Metal tagging and specialized identification as required by customer
  • Final inspect and certification of conformance
  • Stage valves/valve assemblies for transport back to client
  • Stockton Valve can provide Vendor Data Books per customer requirements


Company Certifications:


ISN Contractor Safety Management    Houston area Safety Council