Line Butterfly Valve


Stockton Valve carries a large selection of fully Lined Products. From plug valves, ball valves and butterfly valves to check valves, basket filters and strainers – whatever your application, contact us for the fastest delivery on Lined Products.

Stockton Valve keeps a wide range of Lined Products in stock. An even larger variety is available to order.



Fully Lined Products & Options

Lined Product Types
Ball Valves
Plug Valves
Butterfly Valves
Wafer Swing Check Valves
45 Degree Ball Check Valves
Piston Check Valves
Poppet Check Valves
Basket Filters
PTFE Clamp Valves
Tank Bottom Valves
Short Face-To-Face Valves
Sight Flow Indicator
And More
Lined Products Options
Carbon Steel Body
316 Stainless Steel Body
300# Pressure Class
316 Stainless Steel Plug
PFA Lining
FEP Lining
Full Port
3-Way Configuration
Extended Packing
Special Cleaning
And More


Note: Ductile Iron is the standard body material on all Lined Products.

150# is the standard pressure class on all Lined Products.

Not all options are available on all Lined Products.