Stockton Valve Products distributes a full line of Check Valves, including Swing Check Valves, Wafer Check Valves, Duo Wafer Check Valves (also known as Double Door Wafer Check Valves) Inline Check Valves and more. Check Valves are available from 1/4″ through 24″  and larger in various material options.

Check Valves are fluid control valves used to restrict flow to only one direction. An important concept in check valves is the cracking pressure which is the minimum upstream pressure at which the valve will operate.


Check Valve Options

Body Materials
A105 Carbon Steel
WCB A216 Carbon Steel
LF2 Carbon
304 Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel
Monel M35-1
And More
Trim Materials
304 SS
316 SS
410 SS
Hasteloy C
And More
End Connection
Socket Weld
Butt Weld
Ring Type Joint
And More

* In the case of API valves, be sure to follow the API 600 Trim Chart