Stockton Valve Products is a stocking distributor for the complete line of Xomox products. Xomox Process Valves and Actuators manufactures a complete line of quarter-turn sleeved plug valves, high performance butterfly valves, lined plug valves, lined ball valves, and vane actuators.


Sleeved Plug Valves
Tufline sleeved plug valves are non-lubricated quarter-turn valves that achieve sealing through the use of a compressible sleeve as a sealing member. In many applications they operate virtually maintenance free for decades. Tufline Valves are used for on/off and throttling service in demanding process applications with media temperatures ranging from -20°F to 600°F. Standard sizes from 1/2″ to 24″, ANSI classes 150,300 & 600. Body & plug materials range from ductile iron and stainless steel to the most exotic alloys.

High Performance Butterfly Valves
Xomox offers a large range of butterfly valves, from resilient seated, to high performance to severe service, to handle virtually any process application. Stockton Valve keeps lug and wafer style High Performance Butterfly Valves ranging from 3″ – 24″ in size, 150#, 300#, and 600# classes, in various trims in stock. An even larger variety of High Performance Butterfly Valves are available to order

Lined Valves
Tufline lined valves and accessories use melt processable fluorocarbons such as FEP and PFA. The melt processibility allows the liner to be locked into dovetails, locking grooves, and locking holes in the casting. Consequently, liner collapse and blow out are minimized. Additionally, PFA and FEP liners are inherently less porous than PTFE.

Special Products
The Special Products Group designs, manufactures, and modifies valves for unusual and difficult applications.

Vane Actuators
Matryx Vane Actuators are smaller than other types of actuators in the torque output range of up to 36,000 in-lb. Matryx Vane Actuators produce a high ratio of torque output per pound of actuator weight. Exhaustive factory tests and customer applications have substantiated the long life of matryx vane actuators. Matryx vanes are easy to install because of their lightweight, compact design. Mounting kits are available for all types of valves and other devices.

Rack and Pinion Actuators
The unique features of XOMOX® XRP Pneumatic Rack & Pinion Actuators include a balanced pinion which does not require an external clip to prevent the pinion from blowing out. The XRP also has individual single point adjustment for both the CW and CCW directions and 98 degrees of total travel on the most popular sizes.

Xomox Product Literature
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