Mallard Control is a CIRCOR Energy brand that manufacturers instruments for the control of pressure, liquid levels, and processes. Dedicated to providing superior quality instrumentation products that are designed, manufactured, and tested to the exacting standards of various qualifying authorities, our applications expertise includes oil & gas production, pipeline, and downstream energy processes. Mallard is a true partner to its customers, and also offers non-destructive and / or destructive examinations as necessitated by customer requirements or specifications.

Control Valves
Control valves are typically globe valves with an internal trim installed at the valve seat. The trim is designed to attenuate energy in the form of velocity, noise, or heat. The control valve has a very tough job to perform as the valve is typically found where there is a large disparity in the upstream and downstream pressure. When the valve opens, gas or liquid begins to move quickly to the open seat. The velocity of the medium depends almost entirely on the pressure differential. CIRCOR Energy offers a range of Closed and Open Yoke, Freezeless and 3-Way valves in various designs and pressures, and are designed with several stages of pressure drop/velocity control to competently eliminate the noise and vibration typically found in high-pressure natural gas flow lines. The pressure drop across the valve is taken in several discrete steps so that the velocity of the gas is slowed gradually, prohibiting the pressure at the vena contracta from falling to the boiling point, and thereby eliminating the possibility of damaging cavitation and/or noise.

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