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Stockton Valve Products is a stocking distributor AQ-Matics’s line of Aquamatic Diaphragm Control Valves. Aquamatic Valves are cost effective, long lasting control valves designed to be used in a variety of situations. Aquamatic Valves can be configured in various ways to accomplish many different functions. Such as control configuration, float valve, solenoid operation, air valve, and more.

V42-ValveAquamatic valves have earned worldwide recognition for their high quality and value in the water treatment market. Value includes low initial purchase price and lower cost of operation during the life of the product when compared with competitors. Aquamatic products have proven to be effective in a vast array of diverse applications by providing reliable service and low life-cycle costs. These applications include:

  • Heatless Regenerative Air Dryers
  • Center Pivot Irrigation Systems
  • Conveying Equipment
  • Sand Blasting Equipment
  • Desalination Systems
  • Car Wash Systems
  • Milling Machines and Lathes
  • Cooling Tower Float Valves
  • Plastic Molding Machinery
  • Laundry Equipment
  • Sludge Removal Systems
  • Bulk Solids Transfer Equipment