Butterfly Valve Flange Bolt Sizing

Flange bolt selection can be a frustrating task. Stockton Valve has provided a few quick reference guides for bolt selection on High Performance Butterfly Valves. Each of these bolt charts is based on valve style and pressure class. If the information you need is not listed in the bolt charts provided, contact our sales department for further assistance.

Bolt Charts

150# wafer bolt charts  300# wafer bolt charts  600# wafer bolt charts

150# lug bolt charts  300# lug bolt charts  600# lug bolt charts

WARNING: MEDIA LEAKAGE. Improper bolt and stud lengths could result in media leakage, death, or serious injury.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The flange bolt dimensions provided herein are based on nominal dimensions and are intended only as a guide. Bolt lengths in any given installation may vary due to manufacturing tolerances of valves, flanges, flange bolts, gaskets and additional auxiliary equipment which may be used.